Company History

For the past 47 years, A&H Equipment Company, has been an integral part of the bulk feed delivery industry of northeast Alabama. Pat Henry, the business’ founder, created a valued partnership with area feed producers by repairing, refurbishing and reselling feed trailers and feed bodies, which are vital to the distribution of feed throughout the Southeast. In 1984, the business was purchased by long-term employee, Emmett Perry, who continued to grow and expand the business which now serves customers all across the United States and several foreign countries.

UntitledIn June 2013, A&H was purchased by Jake and Brad Biddle, both of whom had worked in the poultry industry for more than 15 years each. A&H’s link to poultry was not the only aspect of the business of interest to the Biddles. In 2001, Jake and Brad started a small metal fabrication shop in the barn on their farm. As the community’s need for the service grew, so did the business. By January 2013, that small business was officially named IRONWORKS of Alabama, LLC and now has been consolidated with the business done previously by A&H at the same location, 808 Horton Road in Albertville. Though there has been change in ownership and responsibility, there remains a great deal of respect for the community’s acceptance and associations with the name, A&H Equipment. Because of that, the new parent company, IRONWORKS of Alabama, has elected to continue to do business as A&H Equipment Company and hopes to further promote the link between that name and high quality and efficient service.

With the combined competencies of both businesses, A&H is well positioned to provide an even broader range of high quality services to an expanded customer base. Currently A&H Equipment Company is best known as the specialist for feed trailer repair and parts supplier for Warren, Ledwell, Pinson, and Bulkliner trailers. To better serve our customers and broaden our customer base, we acquired a Merritt dealership this spring. We are now the source for Merritt trailers in the southeast US. Merritt is widely known as a premier manufacturer of Hopper trailers and Bull Wagon trailers. We also provide a full service warranty repair shop for Merritt. Oskaloosa gear boxes, Chelsea PTO’s, Permco Hydraulic pumps and Hose Power hydraulic hoses and fittings are also available. We also stock a full line of poultry litter bed parts.

A&H is an authorized dealer for Warren Manufacturing, Merritt and Hose Power.